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Economic Performance

In 2022, the Company posted Rp45.93 trillion in operating revenues. This figure increased by 19.47% compared to the previous year, which reached Rp38.44 trillion. The positive economic performance achievement in 2022 also had a major impact in terms of increasing the Company’s sustainability. The Company continuously carries out developments in various sectors related to the cost of operational activities to increase production capacity, employee costs for welfare, and social investment for the community in the vicinity of the operational area, as well as increasing state cash income.

In 2022, ANTAM undertook cash cost efficiency measures, which include fuel costs, overtime, raw materials, shipping costs, reviewing contract schemes, as well as searching for alternative, more competitive suppliers. This aims to increase efficiency and productivity in the company’s operational activities. The calculation of ANTAM’s operational costs in the table above includes the cost of production and operating expenses without taking into account employee costs and CSR. Meanwhile, ANTAM has distributed Rp1.99 trillion for employee costs, which includes salaries, health benefits and other benefits.

From the distribution of cost, social investment incurred by ANTAM in 2022 it reached Rp124.47 billion. ANTAM’s Social Investment includes the cost of implementing the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program deriving from the Company’s operational costs, including the Environmental and Social Responsibility Program (TJSL) and the PUMK Program.

For further information of ANTAM's Economic Performance may catch under following link.

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