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ANTAM Contribution to The Nation Through Business Added Value Creation

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Jakarta, November 28, 2019 - PT Aneka Tambang Tbk (ANTAM; IDX: ANTM; ASX: ATM) announced that the Company is committed on compliance of Non-Tax State Revenue (PNBP) payment duty. In 2018, ANTAM's contributions on PNBP payment of Rp576 billion.

As an appreciation of Company’s compliance in the fulfilment of PNBP duty, ANTAM has received the Subroto Award from Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (KESDM) on November 12, 2019 as one of the largest PNBP contributor in the Mining sector. The Company also received three nominations from the Indonesian Mining Association (IMA) as a the best PNBP payers, the highest PNBP payer and the best-integrated downstream Company.

ANTAM's Finance Director, Dimas Wikan Pramudhito said:
"The appreciations to the Company reflected ANTAM's commitment on PNBP responsibility fulfilment. PNBP is calculated as one of the state revenues in the State Budget (APBN) in addition to taxes. Thus, ANTAM participates in achieving economic growth, increasing national income, and supporting the achievement of the goal of financial stability."

As a natural resource company, ANTAM is committed to distributing economic benefits both directly and indirectly to all stakeholders. ANTAM believes that excellent operational and financial performance will be extended to the Company's contribution. Meanwhile, the indirect economic benefits are realized through the implementation of sustainable development by Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

In 2018, in addition to PNBP, ANTAM contribution to the Nation through taxes, royalties, export duties, import duties, land rent, and dividends payment totaling of Rp1.17 trillion or a 47% growth from 2017. While in 2018, contributions to the community through the social & environmental responsibility program was recorded at Rp258 billion consisting of the Community Development program, the Partnership & Community Development Program.

Until September 2019, ANTAM recorded the PNBP payment realization of Rp449 billion, while the fulfillment of tax payments was Rp472 billion. ANTAM's total contribution to the country through PNBP and taxes amounted to Rp922.5 billion.