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Mining Industry Holding Handles Disaster Impacts in Nanggung And Sukajaya

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Mining Industry Holding Handles Disaster Impacts in Nanggung And Sukajaya

Jakarta, January 9, 2020 - PT Aneka Tambang Tbk (ANTAM; IDX: ANTM; ASX: ATM) and Mining Industry Indonesia (MIND ID) handle the impact of disasters around the Nanggung and Sukajaya Districts. The company is completing the repair of two road of the nine road that was cut off due to the impact of a landslide in Nanggung District. Whereas in Sukajaya, the Company's rapid step is to provide assistance in the form of basic living needs such as generators, sanitary kits and food ingredients.

ANTAM's Director of Operations and Production, Hartono said:
"In the early 2020, ANTAM and MIND ID handled three disasters both floods and landslides in East Jakarta (flood), Lebak Banten (flood and landslide), and Nanggung District while also helping Sukajaya District, Bogor Regency (flood and land landslide). With more than 51 years of experience in responding to disasters, this activity is a reflection of the Company's commitment to providing added value to the community. ANTAM and MIND ID reduce 20 emergency response personnel, a team of doctors and paramedics from all Business Units to help reduce the burden on the community from disasters."

Nanggung District is ANTAM's ring-1 area. There were 9 landslide points that caused the road to be cut off and affected a total of 3,187 displaced people scattered in the villages of Nanggung, Malasari, Cisarua, Bantarkaret, Pangkal jaya and Curugbitung. ANTAM completed repairs at two road points in Kampung Ciketug and Wates, Pangkal Jaya Village to facilitate community access.

While Sukajaya District is an area bordering Nanggung District. The company's focus in the ring-1 area, ANTAM and MIND ID's commitment to help other affected areas. The company is handling the Urug village, Sukajaya sub-district. Basic needs such as electricity and food have been distributed, namely generators, sanitary kits and food aid.

ANTAM and MIND ID current short-term strategies focus on managing emergencies. In addition to distributing logistical assistance, improving road access, the Company also provides health services in Malasari Village. There were 1,508 residents of the Nyuncung village who fled to the Cisangku village. This area is the most affected area with the largest number of refugees in Nanggung District.

While the long-term strategy is to coordinate with stakeholders related to the handling of other access roads that are cut off. There are 7 landslide points in access to Curugbitung Village, Nanggung District. This caused the access of the people to and from Malasari Village to be closed.

The Company collaboration with the community and stakeholders to manage the impact of disasters. ANTAM and MIND ID hope that the handling of the impact of this disaster can assist  the community, especially those affected by the disaster.